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  • ILCM Change of Address

    ILCM moved on September 1, 2013. Our office is now on the second floor of our current building, the Bigelow Building. Our new address is 450 North Syndicate Street, Suite 200, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55104.

  • ILCM Helps Family Avoid Deportation

    Photo credit: Jackson Forderer, MPR news

    ILCM's Kathy Klos helped to stop the deportation of two clients, Simon and his son Alejandro. Simon had donated his kidney to save his son's life and the deportation would have interrupted Alejandro's anti-rejection medicine and put him in life threatening danger. ILCM would also like thank Sen. Klobuchar and her staff for their hard work to prevent this deportation. Read MPR's full coverage here.

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Please call our client line at
1-800-223-1368 during intake hours to enter the appointment lottery system to speak to a legal staff member.

Walk-in or drop-in appointments are not available.

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