Youth Intervention Project

The Youth Intervention Project educates non-citizen teenagers and young adults about crimes that lead to deportation and how they can change their behaviors and immigration status to avoid this outcome.

Since 1996, the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota has been providing education, training, and outreach to other professionals and the community at large in immigration affairs.

The Youth Intervention Project (YIP) was created for non-citizen immigrant youth, parents, and the professionals that work with them, using the No Second Chance curriculum. The goal of YIP is to increase the understanding and prevention of deportation. After new laws and restrictions went into effect in 1996, for example, staff at ILCM began to notice an alarming trend:  immigrant young adults who have grown up in the United States and identify themselves culturally as Americans were faced with deportation for committing relatively minor crimes, like a bounced check. Many of these young adults had no connections to their country of origin and did not even speak the language. Even more shocking was the revelation that these young adults were unaware that such consequences could ultimately follow after committing these crimes, since minor crimes carry heavier punishments for non-citizens than for their citizen peers. The Youth Intervention Project educates immigrant youth about their rights and responsibilities as residents of the United States. By providing education on what the laws of this country are, and the consequences of criminal activity, ILCM hopes to deter youth from criminal activities and eliminate avoidable deportations in the immigrant community.

For details regarding the curriculum, please visit the No Second Chance page.

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